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ታሪኽ ማሕበር ትያትር ኣስመራ (ማትኣ)። ሰንበት 10-5-2014። ኣብ ሬድዮ ድምጺ ኤርትራ።ዕላል ናዝን ይትባረኽ ገ/ትንሳኤን። ።



The port of Calais under siege

.Google translation of French source Since this summer, the port authorities are facing massive intrusions illegals. The forces the estimate to 3000, mostly from Eritrea. 30 Sep. 2014   The “Wild West”. A situation “out of control”. A “zone of lawlessness.” In Calais, the port and the city are “under siege” despair authorities and residents about [...]


Partially blinded sight of Sheila B. Keetharuth.  

The eye that should have seen the role of sanctions and the occupation of the sovereign Eritrean territory in the present predicament of the State of Eritrea

In addition to the regime's undemocratic governance, how can the Honorable Sheila not see the considerable nexus between the sanctions, occupation and the youth flight

ESAT Breaking News Ethiopian Embassy in DC Sept 29 2014 1st and  2nd Video