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Sanctions, no-war-no-peace, anti-2% campaign, human trafficking and HGDF paralysis created the following :
  • According to  Human Development Index (HDI) Eritrea is one of the bottom five. The bottom five are all from Africa: Mozambique, Guinea, Burundi, Burkina Faso and Eritrea.
  • 3000 youth fleeing per month; 
  • Ethiopian refugee camps becoming an open market for human trafficking
  • Diaspora politics diverted from democratic struggle to youth flight, migration to Europe, asylum applications, no dancing rhetoric
  • Acute shortage of water and electricity in Eritrea
  • Governmental empty promises; refusal to accept the urgent need for change
  • Opposition decay..

Will Frankfurt and Bologna Summit fare better? Can the minds that come together in this two events propose a credible, objective and pragmatic national solution? Need to realize that Eritrea belongs to both opponents and supporters of the Eritrean government and that change can not be effected without the full support of those on the other side of the isle.

Members of 27th National Service Students back home to their families

Asmara, 27 July 2014- The 27th National Service students that have been to Sawa to finish their grade 12 education have began arriving back home to their families after graduating on 18th of July.

According to Col. Debesai Gide, Commander of the Sawa National Training Centre, the participants of the 27th round were from 83 Secondary and 7 Technical Schools across the nation. He also stated that they received the set military and academic training, in addition to development activities. Col. Debesai also stated that about 500 thousand youths have participated in national development and national resistance tasks over the past 20 years since the launching of the NSP.

Likewise, over 5,500 Grade 11 students from the Central region left for Sawa on 25 July to pursue Grade 12 studies there, as well as to participate in the 28th round National Service Program.
The students expressed readiness to live up to expectations

Central region: 11th grade students leave for Sawa

Asmara, 25 July 2014 –Over 5,500 Grade 11 students from the Central region left for Sawa today to pursue Grade 12 studies there, as well as to participate in the 28th round National Service Program.

The Students expressed readiness to live up to expectation. Likewise, the parents of the students voiced conviction that they would fulfill the responsibility entrusted to them.


ኢትዮጵያ ሰራዊታ ብብዝሒ ናብ ሰሜናዊ ክፋል ግዝኣታ ትጓርት ኣላ፡ ESAT

ካብ ኢሳት ዜና

ኣብ’ዚ ቀረባ እዋን ኣብ ቤት ጽሕፈት ቀዳማይ ሚኒስትር ኢትዮጵያ ብክፍሊ ጸጥታ እታ ሃገር ዝተመርሐ ኣኼባ ድሕሪ ምክያዱ፡ ቁጽሮም ብርክት ዝበለ ኣባላት ሰራዊት እታ ሃገር ምስ ከበድቲ ኣጽዋራቶም፡ ብለይቲ ናብ ከተማታት ሽሬ፡ ተከዜ፡ ወልቃይት፡ መተማን፡ ኣርማጭሆን ዝኣመሰሉ ሰሜናዊ ክፋል’ታ ሃገር ክግእዙ ጀሚሮም ኣለዉ። 

ድሕሪ ጭውያ መራሒ ምንቕስቃስ 7ተ ግንቦት ዝነበረ ኣቶ ኣንዳርጋቸወ ጽጌ፡  ኣብ ሰሜናዊ ክፋል’ታ ሃገር ንዝምእብል ዘሎ ወጥሪ፡ ምልዕኣል ህዝቢ ከይለኣል ዝሰግአ ስርዓት፡ ንዝኾነ ዓይነት ናይ ህዝቢ ተቃውሞ ብሓይሊ ንምጭፍላቕ ምእንቲ ክምችእ፡ ሰራዊቱን ናይ ጸጥታ ኣባላቱን የዋፍር ኣሎ።

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20 young men drowned and killed during attempts to cross Gash River to Sudan; President Isaias makes an unannounced visit to Tessenei.
( Source Adoulis)

20 young men drowned and killed during attempts to cross Gash River to Sudan; President Isaias makes an unannonced visit to Tessenei. ( Source Adoulis)

2014-07-22  Tessenai: private sources – the death of 20 young men is a tragedy that horrified the city of Tessenai. The 20 young men drowned during attempts to cross illegaly to Sudan by human trafficking who were smuggling gangs,, sources reported that a group of reform human traffickers Using the new method of smuggling by[...]


450 Detainees Released from Hashferay jail and Some Army camps dismantled.

450 Detainees Released from Hashferay jail and Some  Army camps dismantled. ( Source Adoulis) Special units following Major Philipos Woldyohanes released today 450 detainees from the ill-reputed Hashferay jail, and more than one camp was dismantled for the Popular Army that was led by General Manjos. It was a step that was described as [...]

2014-07-20 عدوليس ـ ملبورن ـ أديس أبابا ( خاص)
Intelligence Department of the Ethiopian Ministry of Defense is meeting with selected military and political leaders of the opposition. (source Adoulis)
Ethiopian military meets with selected political and military leaders of the Eritrean opposition  (adoulis)

According to reports from the capital city of Mekele, Tigray Ethiopian territory adjacent to Eritrea, a meeting was held between the number of military and political leaders for a limited number of Eritrean opposition factions and military leaders of the Intelligence Department in the Ministry of Ethiopian Defense. The meeting also includes retired Gen. Mesfin Amare administrator of the Eritrean opposition file. The meeting, which was described as a selective started the morning of eighteenth of this month (July 18, 2014) and involving (8) factions of the oppositions military wings. There is no  information about the files to be considered by the meeting. Note that there has not been direct meetings between representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the Ethiopian Eritrean opposition since 2005, according to sources close to the Eritrean opposition in the capital, Addis Ababa.

وصفت بالإنتقائية إجتماعات بين المعارضة

وعسكريين إثيوبيين


تفيد الأنباء الواردة من مدينة مقلي عاصمة إقليم تقراي الإثيوبي المحاذي لاريتريا ، ان إجتماعا يعقد الآن بين عدد من قيادات عسكرية وسياسية لعدد محدود من الفصائل الإريترية المعارضة وقيادات عسكرية من دائرة المخابرات في وزارةالدفاع الإثيوبية ، كما يضم الإجتماع الجنرال المتقاعد مسفن أماري مسؤول ملف المعارضة الإريترية . الإجتماع الذي وصف بإنه إنتقائي بدء جلساته صباح الثامن عشر من الشهر الجاري وتشترك فيه (8) فصائل لها أجنحة عسكرية . هذا و لم ترشح إية معلومات عن الملفات التي سيبحثها الإجتماع ، ولا الهدف منه في هذا الوقت . علما بإنه لم تتم لقاءات مباشرة بين ممثلي لوزارة الدفاع الإثيوبية والمعارضة الإريترية منذ 2005م حسب مصادر وثيقة الصلة بالمعارضة الإريترية في العاصمة أديس أبابا .


The Blame Games

The government is to blame; the opposition is to blame.

Franziska Keller'Refugees must have safe access to Europe'

Date 26.07.2014
Hundreds of refugees have died trying to reach the Italian coast in the past few months alone. This situation must be stopped, says Green Party EU parliamentarian Franziska Keller.

UN urges Europe to bolster Mediterranean plan as migrant toll hits 800

GENEVA: UN refugee agency chief Antonio Guterres on Thursday urged European governments to step up efforts to rescue and host migrants who cross the Mediterranean, as this year’s death toll reached 800.

“The death of 260 people in less than ten days, in the most horrifying of circumstances, is evidence that the Mediterranean crisis is intensifying,” Guterres said in a statement.

“Europeans need to take urgent action to stop this catastrophe getting worse in the second half of 2014,” the UNHCR chief said.

Italian and Maltese naval crews last Saturday discovered 30 bodies – including that of a baby – who had apparently been overcome by heat and engine fumes after being locked in the hold of a boat carrying over 560 mostly-Syrian migrants.

Published on Jul 21, 2014

Last year Bologna 2013 was concluded in resounding success !! Many Eritreans and friends of Eritrea flocked from different part of the world to attend Eritrean Bologna Int'l Summit 2013 including from Australia, Canada, North America and Europe. This year Bologna 2014 will be held from Aug 29 - Sept 1st, 2014. Space is limited, register today! Join us, be part of the solution & see you in Bologna !!

Eritrea Festival 2014 in Frankfurt Highly Expected to be Landmark in the Struggle for Change & Democratization

Written by Festival Preparatory Committee Monday, 21 July 2014 15:25

Festival Preparatory Committee

Being organized under the slogan, “We Struggle for a Constitutional State and Social Justice”, the Eritrea Festival 2014 in Frankfurt is widely expected to be an event that adds momentum to the ongoing struggle for a positive change in Eritrea.   Read More







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