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"According to a Western embassy (B), 99.9% of all Eritrean asylum seekers in Europe are economic refugees. .."
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"According to a Western embassy (B), 99.9% of all Eritrean asylum seekers in Europe are economic refugees. The extended families, which may comprise 50 persons, merge their savings in order for them to send a bright young relative, usually a man, to Europe. It is an investment and it is expected that the young man will send remittances back to his family in Eritrea. As long as the family knows that he will be granted asylum, they will not hesitate to send him off. But if the outcome was not given, the family would think twice before they send the young man to Europe. It was emphasized that the human rights situation in Eritrea is no worse than in most other African countries and poverty in Eritrea is not worse than in other African countries. There are no mass violations of human rights in Eritrea, and European countries do not grant protection to everyone from Guinea, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic or Egypt. In this respect, it could be argued that the Eritrean government has a point when it states that Eritrean asylum applicants received preferential treatment in Europe.

Commenting on Norway’s recent policy towards Eritrean asylum seekers, the Western embassy (B) stated that the Norwegian announcement of a possible return agreement with Eritrea had a huge psychological effect and it effectively drove down the number of Eritrean asylum seekers in Norway. That happened despite the fact that no one has been deported from Norway and despite the fact that though Eritrea accepts voluntary returns, especially when the returnees are given some money, it does not accept forced returns. It was added that Eritrea will not give assurances regarding human rights and it will not allow European countries to monitor unsuccessful asylum seekers who have been returned to Eritrea.

ጽባሕ ሰንበት፡
ህቡብ ድምጻዊ ዑስማን
ዓብደልረሒም ፡ኣብ ሬድዮ ድምጺ ኤርትራ ምስ ናዝን ይትባረኽን ከዕልል እዩ።

ዕላል ምስ ዓብደላ ኣቡበክር፤ ካብ ማትኣ ጀሚርካ
11/23/2014 2፡00-4፡00 ድቀ ዝተቐድሔ፡

ዕላል ምስ ዓብደላ ኣቡበክር፤ ካብ ማትኣ ጀሚርካ።፡ናዝ ካብ ሬድዮ ድምጺ ኤርትራ ምስ ይትባረኽ ገብረትንስኤ ካብ ሬድዮ ኣሰርና፡ ኰይኑ ምስ ዓብደላ ኣቡበከር ካብ ጊዜ ማትኣ ኣትሒዞም ዘዕለልዎ

The Arabic version has been in the media for a while. For fairness of information, the leadership of the ENC4DC has decided to make it accessible to all readers. Bayto

ዕጭ። ሎሚ እውን ዕጭ። ኣይንፈላለን።
ከምቲ ንሃይለ-ስላሴን ኣንድነትን
ዝሰዓርናዮም። ሎሚ'ውን ንወያኔን ወይጦታቶምን ሬድዮ ወጋሕታን ከምኣ።
ከምቲ ትማሊ፡ መንእሰይ ግዜ ሱሳታት ዕጭ ኢሉ ሓድነቱ ኣዕቍቡ ዝሰዓረ ።
ሎሚ'ው መንእሰይ እዚ ወለዶ ኣሰር ኣቦታቱ ተኸቲሉ ሓድነቱ ኣዕቍቡ ክስዕር እዩ።

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Video Eritrea: 24 Hours Supply of Electricity


ፍንጭራዕ ናይ ዝበልካ ኣይኰነን።
ናይ ዲሞክራሲ ሕቶ፡ ናይ ሓደ ሰብ፡ ሓንቲ ድምጺ ጉዳይ ስለ ዝኾነ።

 ተር ከም ዓተር፡ ማዕረ ከም ስኒ ኣድጊ
ክትከውን ስለ ዝኾነት።

እንምነያ ኤርትራዊት ቁዋም፡ ንሓደ ዜጋ ሓንቲ ድምጺ ጥራይ እያ ክትፈቅድ። 
ፍንጭራዕ ዝበለ ከም ፍንጭራዕ ዝበሎ እዪ ክኸይድ። 
ንሕናባ ከምዚ ናሕናባ ከምቲ ስለ ዝኾና ደቂ ዓይኒ መዓር ኢና፡ 
ፍሉያት ፍጥረት ኢና።
ስለዚ ሓለፋ ህዝቢ ይግብኣና። ሓንቲ ድምጺ ንሓደ ኣይትኣኽለናን። 
ኢሉ  ለይትን መዓልትን እንተገዓረ፡ 
 ካብ ሰቡ ሓለፋ ሃልይዎ ካብ እንኮ ድምጺ ክሐልፍ ኣይክኽእልን እዩ።
 ተር ከም ዓተር፡ ማዕረ ከም ስኒ ኣድጊ ክትከውን ስለ ዝኾነት። 
ኣብ ናይ ምርጫ ሳንዱቕ ዝኣቱ ድምጺ እዩ ዘስዕር። ሃገር ዝመርሕ።


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India Calls for Promoting Human Rights Through Consensus, Impartiality . Read More

"..recommendations should be specific, constructive and be relevant to the country and not ideologically driven..."

“Special Rapporteurs have to be truly independent, act with sensitivity and their recommendations should be specific, constructive and be relevant to the country and not ideologically driven. [They shouldn't also make] … ‘sweeping generalisations’ [in their report] nor overstepping their mandates as that would not further the cause of human rights.” – Indian Ambassador to the UN, Asoke Kumar Mukerji
Unprecedented and extreme phenomenon mainly caused by Sanctions against the Eritrean people. The cry that sanctions hurt the people has been proven...
6,200 Eritreans cross into Ethiopia in 37 days: UNHCR

World Bulletin/News Desk

Over 6,200 Eritreans have crossed into Ethiopia over the past 37 days, an official with the UN refugee agency said Monday.

"More than 5,000 Eritrean asylum seekers crossed into the Ethiopian territory in October alone," spokesperson for the UNHCR office in Ethiopia Kisut Gebregziabher told Anadolu Agency.