An Urgent Call To Action!!



There is a universal consensus that all individuals are entitled to certain basic rights under any circumstances. These rights include certain civil liberties and political rights, the most fundamental of which is the right to life and physical safety. Human rights fundamentals are the articulation of the need for justice, tolerance, mutual respect, and human dignity in all of our activities.


Understanding human rights allows us to express the basic tenet that all individuals are part of the scope of morality and justice. Upholding human rights is ensuring that individuals receive a decent and humane treatment. Violating the most basic human rights, on the other hand, is denying individuals fundamental moral entitlements, making them undeserving of respect and dignity. Examples include genocide, torture, slavery, rape and other “crimes against humanity.” The Eritrean government is one of the most human rights abuser among the community of nations.



The most recent massacres carried out in Adi Abeito, Eritrea, in the past few days  demonstrate ever more clearly that the days of the regime are numbered. Their castle of sand is beginning to be swept away. The misguided government of Isaias Afwerki is gasping for life. No doubt, it will soon breathe its last. In the mean time, this illegal government is violating the human rights of its citizens with impunity, every day:


·        Peace-loving and law-abiding people are enslaved, imprisoned and mercilessly beaten for their beliefs, or choice of worship

·        Defenseless civilians are executed extra-judicially, with no trial

·        The government covers up such massacres and conveniently avoids prosecuting the perpetrators.

·        Thousands have been the victims of perennial serfdom, arbitrary detention, torture or have simply disappeared.

·        As a matter of fact, reliable sources in Asmara corroborate that the dictatorial government in Asmara is 100% behind such human rights abuses.


Eritrean government officials can be polite to members of the international community. However, to their own people, they are savage perpetrators of extreme human rights abuses. The massacre of Adi Abeito represents a setback both for international human rights law and for all victims who seek justice in the face of torture, rape and extra-judicial disappearances. This criminal decision by the Isaias regime is also a setback for the much anticipated border demarcation and democratization of Eritrea. Pursuing a judicial course, far removed from violence, has been impractical and impossible to pursue in Eritrea as long as this illegal government is in power. Eritrea is the only country in the whole wide world that does not have a working constitution. Narrow procedures and narrow interests, on the part of the illegal government, should not have prevented the exercise of universal jurisdiction for heinous crimes such as war crimes, crimes against humanity and massacres.



Various international committees are in place to monitor compliance with human rights standards and report any violations. When breaches do occur, they are brought to the attention of international tribunals or tried in an international court or war crimes tribunal. If Eritreans in the diaspora cannot stand up to safeguard the rights of our people, no one will. Wherever they are, Eritreans step up and get counted in order to relegate the current regime to the dust bin of history. If we don’t take such a courageous action, the result could be devastating for the nation.


And what will be the result? If human rights abuses in Eritrea are not reported to international agencies, our people will continue to die, to be tortured, our mothers, sisters and daughters will be raped and violated in every which way. Rights and freedom will be distant dreams. Today, our people do not have the courts of law and have no means of defending and vindicating their rights as defined by International Humanitarian Law and the Geneva Conventions, to which Eritrea is signatory. This absence of judicial recourse should not be allowed to continue.


We have to express outrage at the attacks and our deepest sympathy for the victims, their relatives and loved ones. We have to expose the dictatorial regime in Eritrea, in its bare-bone genocidal attributes. We can make Eritrea the subject of an independent international investigation; findings would be made public, and the perpetrators brought to justice like Sudan with the Darfur debacle. Only the vigilant eye of the international community can ensure the proper observance of international standards, not in the interest of the state, but in the interests of the individual. Like democracy, Human Rights is about enhancing the quality of life of the individual.



This clarion call to action is a major corrective challenge to the Human Rights abuse perpetrated by the illegal government in Asmara. We, the undersigned Eritreans and friends of Eritrea are able and willing participants in this noble task of safeguarding the human rights of Eritreans. A petition that reflects the details of the recent debacle at Adi Abeito Prison is being drafted to be delivered to Secretary General Kofi Annan at the United Nations Headquarters. In so doing, we plan to bring the recent crimes of the Eritrean government at the Adi Abeito Prison to the attention of the international community. To make sure each and every concerned Eritrean and friends of Eritrea are included in this noble petition drive, compatriots are advised to send their names, addresses and telephone numbers to: Time is of the essence. We cannot afford to be simple observers while innocent Eritreans are being massacred in cold blood.


Power to the Eritrean people, and may God the Almighty grace our long-suffering people with peace and prosperity in the near future. Down with the dictator and his cronies! Their days are numbered!!


1.        Abba Teweldeberhan Tzeggai, ITALY

2.        Abba Solomon GhebreCristos, ITALY

3.        Ambassador Hebret Berhe, USA

4.        Dr. Berhan M. Ahmed, AUSTRALIA

5.        Mr. Tzegai Negash, USA

6.        Mr. Mussie Ephrem, SWEDEN

7.        Mr. Laine Araia, GERMANY

8.        Mr. Fessehaye Hagos, USA

9.        Mr. Haileab Kahsay, USA

10.     Mr. Solomon Tesfatsion, USA

11.     Dr. Tzeggai Yohannes, UK

12.     Mr. Antonio Tesfay, SWEDEN

13.     Ms. Zahra Baho, AUSTRALIA

14.     Mr. Ghebremedhin Habte, USA

15.     Mr. Isaac Beraki, USA

16.     Mr. Kiros Yohannes, USA

17.     Mr. Bakht Houmada, AUSTRALIA

18.     Mr. Kidane Hagos, CANADA

19.     Ms. Tsegalem Woldemariam, USA

20.     Mr. Dawit Gebremeskel, USA

21.     Mr. Tewelde Bahta, USA

22.     Mr. Rezene Habte, USA

23.     Ms Azieb Habtemariam, USA

24.     Mr. Samuel Andebrhan, RSA

25.     Mr. Mussie Zena, RSA

26.     Mr. Hailab Kidane, RSA

27.     Mr. Mobae Lebasi, RSA

28.     Mr. Hailemariam Tesfai, USA

29.     Ms. Nebiat Ghebremariam, USA

30.     Mr. Amare Mobazion, USA

31.     Mr. Yassen Mussa, AUSTRALIA

32.     Mr. Omega Temesgen, USA

33.     Mr. Tareke Beraki, USA

34.     Ms. Mebrat Deres, UK

35.     Mr. Osman Mussa, AUSTRALIA

36.     Ms. Fatma O. Saleh, USA

37.     Mr. Ghebrehiwet Foto, USA

38.     Ms. Mulu Negassi, USA

39.     Mr. Sultan J., AUSTRALIA

40.     Mr. Ibrahim Nur Ahmed, USA

41.     Mr. Semere Taezaz, USA

42.     Dr. Solomon Woldesilassie, USA

43.     Mr. Milkias Mihreteab, USA

44.     Mr. Ahmed Y. Ibrahim, AUSTRALIA

45.     Mr. Yosef Berhe, USA

46.     Mr. Haile Tesfai, USA

47.     Mr. Bisrat Fessehaye, USA

48.     Mr. Ezra Fessehaye, USA

49.     Miss Reem Mussa, AUSTRALIA

50.     Mr. Efrem Isayas, USA

51.     Mr. Mathewos Berhe, USA

52.     Mr. Teclezghi Fessehaye, USA

53.     Mr. Musa Abdelkadir, USA

54.     Ms Senaite Habte, USA

55.     Mr. Yacob Mengsteab Andemicael, USA

56.     Mr. Abdella Yassin, USA

57.     Mr. Negasi Tsegai, NETHERLAND

58.     Mr. Sulieman Untra, CANADA

59.     Mr. Michael Beyene, USA

60.     Mr. Alene Medhanie, UK

61.     Mr. Ahmed Heyabu, AUSTRALIA

62.     Mr. Bahta Tewelde, USA

63.     Mr. Gemal Adem Sengal, USA

64.     Mr. Yohannes G. Mariam Measho, USA

65.     Mr. Bereket Haile, USA

66.     Ms. Elsa Mesfen, USA

67.     Mr. Mahmoud Aderob, USA

68.     Mr. Tesfamariam Abraha, USA

69.     Mr. Ashebir Dagnew, USA

70.     Mr. Tesfaghabir Petros, USA

71.     Mr. Anwar Alishek, AUSTRALIA

72.     Mr. Yohannes Tsegai, USA

73.     Mr. Amahatsion Asfaw, USA

74.     Mr. Muhur Solomon, USA

75.     Ms. Letina Asghedom, USA

76.     Mr. Angelo Beraki, USA

77.     Ms. Elsa Yemane, USA

78.     Mr. Azezom Asfaha, USA

79.     Mr. Tewelde Kidane, AUSTRALIA

80.     Ms. Saba Ghebremeskel, USA

81.     Mr. Solomon Kidane, USA

82.     Ms. Terhas Fessehaye, USA

83.     Mr. Woldemichael Tukabo, USA

84.     Ms. Askalu Petros, USA

85.     Mr. Tsegai Fitiwi, USA

86.     Ms. Freweini Semere, USA

87.     Mr. Tesfai Fessehaye, USA

88.     Ms. Tsehai Muhur, USA

89.     Mr. Seyoum Petros, USA

90.     Mr. Hailemichael Tesfamichael, USA

91.     Mr. Hailu Tadesse, USA

92.     Ms. Abrehet Haile, USA

93.     Ms. Alemitu Ghebremeskel, USA

94.     Mr. Isaac Tesfai, USA

95.     Mr. Yemane Fessaha, USA

96.     Mr. Esayas Araya Berhe, USA

97.     Mr. Tesfalem Debesai, USA

98.     Mr. Kamal Ahmed, AUSTRALIA

99.     Ms. Yordanos Yosef, USA

100.  Mr. Tesfamichael Yosef, USA

101.  Mr. Idris Shanino, AUSTRALIA

102.  Mr. Misghina Tewolde, USA

103.  Ms. Leteyesus Medhanie, USA

104.  Ms. Hiwet Haileselassie, USA

105.  Mr. Suleiman Abasi, AUSTRALIA

106.  Mr. Tewolde Berhane, USA

107.  Mr. Berhane Haile, USA

108.  Mr. Saleh Ibrahim, AUSTRALIA

109.  Ms. Elsa Tewolde, USA

110.  Mr. Zecharias Haile, USA

111.  Mr. Mohamed Mahmoud, AUSTRALIA

112.  Mr. Okbazghi Kiflu, USA

113.  Mr. Alazar Hagos, NORWAY

114.  Mr. Woldu Ghebrai, USA

115.  Mr. Tekle Haile, USA

116.  Mr. Ahmed Mahmoud, AUSTRALIA

117.  Mr. Tesfai Kahsai, USA

118.  Mr. Seyoum Tesfaye, USA

119.  Mr. Angelo Ghebrehiwet, USA

120.  Mr. Alamin Idris, AUSTRALIA

121.  Mr. Tesfa Teclemariam, USA

122.  Mr. Tesfayohannes Ukbu, USA

123.  Mr. Hagos Yohannes, USA

124.  Mr. Abdella Said Idris, AUSTRALIA

125.  Mr. Haile Tesfai, USA

126.  Mr. Menhistab Abraha, USA

127.  Mr. Desbele Abraha, USA

128.  Mr. Mehamed Idris, USA

129.  Mr. Dawit Tekle, USA

130.  Mr. Fessehaye Temelso, USA

131.  Mr. Tesfu Hailemariam, USA

132.  Mr. Ashebir Abraha, USA

133.  Mr. Habteab Mebrahtu, USA

134.  Ms. Yergalem Zeru, USA

135.  Mr. Kenedy Beyene, USA

136.  Mr. Mekonen Yitbarek, AUSTRALIA

137.  Mr. Kahsai Gebreyesus, USA

138.  Mr. Kidane Ghebretinsae, USA

139.  Mr. Temesgen Atsebaha, USA

140.  Mr. Tekle Araya, USA

141.  Mr. Tesfamariam Tsadu, USA

142.  Mr. Tesfahanes Ghebrehanes, USA

143.  Mr. Yonas Abraha, USA

144.  Mr. Zekarias Hagos, USA

145.  Mr. Beraki Mussie, USA

146.  Ms. Elsa Ghidei, USA

147.  Mr. Ogbazghi Abraha, USA

148.  Mr. Aregai M. Teklezghi, USA

149.  Mr. Hawariat Berhane, USA

150.  Mr. Asmerom Paulos, USA

151.  Mr. Teame Beyene, USA

152.  Mr. Abdu Ali Habib, CANADA

153.  Mr. Yassin Abrahim, USA

154.  Ms. Haregu Asefa Selamsa, CANADA

155.  Mr. Semere Tesfamicael Habtemariam, USA

156.  Mr. Ibrahim Noor, USA

157.  Mr. Tekle Ogbamichael, CANADA

158.  Mr. Samuel Ghebreghiorgis, GERMANY

159.  Mr. Eyob Fissuh, AUSTRALIA

160.  Mr. Berhan Beyan Mahamednur, CANADA

161.  Mr. Kidane Mehary, RSA

162.  Mr. Solomon Semere, SWEDEN

163.  Mr. Gabriel Guangul, UK

164.  Mr. Alem Tewelde, NORWAY

165.  Mr. Saleh Omar Saleh, USA

166.  Mr. Michael Andegeorgis, USA

167.  Mr. Gezai Kidane, SWEDEN

168.  Mr. Tesfai Berhe A., RSA

169.  Dr. Yebio Woldemariam, USA

170.  Ms. Alga Ghebremedhin, USA

171.  Mr. Redi Aubi, UK

172.  Dr. Desalegn Abraha, SWEDEN

173.  Mr. Goitom Mebrahtu, UK

174.  Mr. Rezene Leulkal, USA

175.  Dr. Bereket Habteslassie, USA

176.  Mr. Khaled Abdu, SWEDEN

177.  Mr. Mehretab Mesghina, USA

178.  Mr. Mesfin Fitwi, BELGIUM

179.  Mr. Estifanos Arefaine, SWEDEN

180.  Mr. Woldeselassie Tesfai Omer, USA

181.  Mr. Fessehaye Mebrahtu, USA

182.  Mr. Adhanom Fitwi, NETHERLAND

183.  Mr. Ephraim Berhane, GERMANY

184.  Mr. Tewolde Woldeabzghi, SAUDI

185.  Mr. Kidane Mehary Nashih, NORWAY

186.  Mr. Girmay Temesgen, USA

187.  Ms Reem Mussa, AUSTRALIA

188.  Mr. Ahmed Heyabu, AUSTRALIA

189.  Ms. Dehab Abraha, USA

190.  Mr. Kiflay Dirar, USA

191.  Mr. Berhe Birhanu, USA

192.  Mr. Mussie Y.Habteselassie, USA

193.  Mr. Anwar Alishek, AUSTRALIA

194.  Mr. Efrem T. Woldemichael, USA

195.  Ms. Alganesh Haile, USA

196.  Mr. Tewelde Kidane, AUSTRALIA

197.  Mr. Mekonen Yitbarek, AUSTRALIA

198.  Mr. Haben Taffere, USA

199.  Mr. Arim Welenchiel, USA

200.  Mr. Estifanos Arefaine, SWEDEN

201.  Mr. Meles Dawit, USA

202.  Mr. Ahmed Mahmoud, AUSTRALIA

203.  Mr. Belay Negusse, GERMANY

204.  Mr. Alamin Idris, AUSTRALIA

205.  Mr. Zehaye Araia, USA

206.  Mr. Abdella Said Idris, AUSTRALIA

207.  Dr. Neguse Belay,

208.  Mr. Ahmed Y. Ibrahim, AUSTRALIA

209.  Mr. Solomon Ghirmay, CANADA

210.  Mr. Sultan J., AUSTRALIA

211.  Ms Zahra Baho, AUSTRALIA

212.  Mr. WeldeselassieOgbe, NORWAY

213.  Mr. Bakht Houmada, AUSTRALIA

214.  Mr. Yassen Musa, AUSTRALIA

215.  Mr. Yacob Ogbamichael T., NORWAY

216.  Mr. Jemal A. Ibrahim, AUSTRALIA

217.  Mr. Mahder Redii, NORWAY

218.  Ms Belainesh A. Adhanom, NORWAY

219.  Mr. Yosief Ghebrehiwet, USA

220.  MS Rowa Hasseb, AUSTRALIA

221.  Mr. Tzehaie Kubrom, RSA

222.  Mr.Berhan Gedem, USA

223.  Ms Aula Idris, AUSTRALIA

224.  Mr. Kefali Haile, USA

225.  Ms Walla Idris, AUSTRALIA

226.  Ms. Mehret Ghebreyesus, USA

227.  Mr. Kamal Ahmed, AUSTRALIA

228.  Mr. Fessehaye Mebrahtu, USA

229.  Mr. Idris Shanino, AUSTRALIA

230.  Mr. Woldeyesus Ogbuay, USA

231.  Mr. Dawit Ghidei, GERMANY

232.  Mr. Andom Girgis, GERMANY

233.  Mr. Daniel Rezene Mekonnen, RSA

234.  Mr. Berhane Tesfazghi, SWEDEN

235.  Mr. Tewodros G. Gebreselasie, RSA

236.  Mr. Asihel Betsuamlak, USA

237.  Miss Rowa Hasseb, AUSTRALIA

238.  Mr. Russom Mefun, USA

239.  Mr. Mansur Mohammed Ali, MALAYSIA

240.  Mr. Habtemariam Kifle, USA

241.  Miss Aula Idris, AUSTRALIA

242.  Mr Alem Syoum, USA

243.  Mr. Salih Imam, SWEDEN

244.  Miss Walla Idris, AUSTRALIA

245.  Dr. Tsegai Berhe, USA

246.  Mr. Hassen Khalifa, SWEDEN

247.  Mr. Tesfay Teklezghi, FRANCE

248.  Mr. Abraha Tesfamicael, FRANCE

249.  Mr. Jamal A. Idris, SAUDI

250.  Mr. Ahmed Abdulrehim, AUSTRALIA

251.  Mr. Alem Seyoum, USA

252.  Mr. Hussein Al‘Amin S. Ali, CANADA

253.  Mr. Tuku T. Bereaki, CANADA

254.  Mr. Sulieman Abasi, AUSTRALIA

255.  Mr. Andemariam Teclai Tecle, NETHERLAND

256.  Mr. Amanuel Menghis, SWEDEN

257.  Mr. Saleh Ibrahim, AUSTRALIA

258.  Ms. Demaris Woldeabzghi, SWEDEN

259.  Mr. Mohamed Ahmed, AUSTRALIA

260.  Mr. Abel Kibrom, RSA

261.  Mr. Berhan I. Jaber, AUSTRALIA

262.  Mr. Osman Mussa, AUSTRALIA

263.  Mr. Teshome Kidane, USA

264.  Mr. Tesfayohannes Measho, USA

265.  Mr. Tsegai Biemnet, USA

266.  Mr. Isaac Abraha, USA

267.  Ms Iyerusalem Shiferaw, USA

268.  Mr. Rezene Michael, USA

269.  Mr. Efrem Ghebremariam, USA

270.  Mr. Dawit Teferi, USA

271.  Ms Pamela Teferi, USA

272.  Mr. Jemal A. Ibrahim, AUSTRALIA

273.  Mr. Hagos Teklehaimanot, USA

274.  Mr. Yosef Issayas, USA

275.  Mr. Haddish Rusom, UK

276.  Mr. Semere Kesete, SWEDEN

277.  Mr. Ahmed A. Ibrahim, AUSTRALIA

278.  Mr. Berhan I. Jaber, AUSTRALIA

279.  Dr. Yonas Mehari, USA

280.  Mr. Girmay Temesgen, USA

281.  Mr. Kiflay Dirar, USA

282.  Mr. Berhe Birhanu, USA

283.  Ms Dehab Abraha, USA

284.  Ms Letengus Gilazghi, USA

285.  Mr. Kifle Tesfamicael, Denmark

286.  Ms Seghen Aron, CANADA

287.  Mr. Mengesteab Ghebreyesus, GERMANY

288.  Mr. Desbele Kahsai, USA

289.  Mr. Ghebreweld Habtemichael, GERMANY

290.  Ms Tsegezab Gebregergis, UK

291.  Mr. Tekle Georges Hailemariam, USA

292.  Mr. Lilai Redda, USA

293.  Mr. Habte Ghebray, GERMANY

294.  Mr. Yacob Mengsteab, USA

295.  Mr. Tesfaledet Zemichael, USA

296.  Mr. Jelal Yassin, NORWAY

297.  Mr. Yohannes Entayo, USA

298.  Ms Alganesh Yacob, SWEDEN

299.  Mr. Haile Atsbha, CANADA

300.  Mr. Alazar Hagos, SWEDEN

301.  Mr. Merhawi Mesghina, CANADA

302.  Ms Aida Kidane, SWEDEN

303.  Mr. Ghirmay Ghezahagn, NETHERLANDS

304.  Mr. Mebrahtu Desta, USA

305.  Mr gebre Belen, AUSTRALIA

306.  Mr. Yosief Ghebrehiwet, USA

307.  Mr. Temesgen A. Azeze, USA

308.  Mr. Hailemariam Abebe, USA

309.  Mr. Omar Sulieman, USA

310.  Mr. Daniel Tzegai, GERMANY

311.  Mr. Tesfaldet Andemicael, USA

312.  Mr. Senay Debas, SWITZERLAND

313.  Mr. Haddish Welday, USA

314.  Mr. Getachew Reda, USA

315.  Mr. Tesfaldet Bahlibi, USA

316.  Mr. Alem Tesfamicael, SWEDEN

317.  Mr. Beraki Yohannes, CANADA

318.  Mr. Tuku Beraki, CANADA

319.  Mr. Efrem T. Yohannes, USA

320.  Ms Bethiel Yohannes, CANADA

321.  Mr. Hailu Kibreab, SWEDEN

322.  Mr. Ghirmay Joseph, USA

323.  Mr. Daniel Haile Selassie, USA

324.  Mr. Woldeselassie Gebremedhin, USA

325.  Mr. Fisseha Beyene, AUSTRALIA

326.  Mr. Zegay Wldeyesus, GERMANY

327.  Ms Bettina Woerz, GERMANY

328.  Mr. BereketAb Y. Mebrahtu, CANADA

329.  Mr. Habte Ghebray, USA

330.  Mr. Abdelhamid Said Ali, RSA

331.  Mr. Abdelwassie Mohammod Shimondi, RSA

332.  Mr. Abdu Mohammed, RSA

333.  Mr. Abraham Fessehaye Bahlbi, RSA

334.  Mr. Abraham Rezene Tesfai, RSA

335.  Mr. Abraham Tesfai, RSA

336.  Mr. Adhanom Ghebrekiristos Teklehaymanot, RSA

337.  Mr. Aklilu Asefaw Kidane, RSA

338.  Mr. Alem Hailu, RSA

339.  Mr. Alem Worede Zerizghi, RSA

340.  Mr. Amanuel Issac Teklezghi, RSA

341.  Mr. Amanuel K. Bahta, RSA

342.  Mr. Andom Mesfn, RSA

343.  Mr. Kifle Tesfamicael, Denmark

344.  Ms Seghen Aron, CANADA

345.  Mr. Mengesteab Ghebreyesus, GERMANY

346.  Mr. Desbele Kahsai, USA

347.  Mr. Ghebreweld Habtemichael, GERMANY

348.  Ms Tsegezab Gebregergis, UK

349.  Mr. Tekle Georges Hailemariam, USA

350.  Mr. Lilai Redda, USA

351.  Mr. Habte Ghebray, GERMANY

352.  Mr. Yacob Mengsteab, USA

353.  Mr. Tesfaledet Zemichael, USA

354.  Mr. Jelal Yassin, NORWAY

355.  Mr. Yohannes Entayo, USA

356.  Ms Alganesh Yacob, SWEDEN

357.  Mr. Haile Atsbha, CANADA

358.  Mr. Alazar Hagos, SWEDEN

359.  Mr. Merhawi Mesghina, CANADA

360.  Ms Aida Kidane, SWEDEN

361.  Mr. Ghirmay Ghezahagn, NETHERLANDS

362.  Mr. Mebrahtu Desta, USA

363.  Mr gebre Belen, AUSTRALIA

364.  Mr. Yosief Ghebrehiwet, USA

365.  Mr. Temesgen A. Azeze, USA

366.  Mr. Hailemariam Abebe, USA

367.  Mr. Omar Sulieman, USA

368.  Mr. Daniel Tzegai, GERMANY

369.  Mr. Tesfaldet Andemicael, USA

370.  Mr. Senay Debas, SWITZERLAND

371.  Mr. Haddish Welday, USA

372.  Mr. Getachew Reda, USA

373.  Mr. Tesfaldet Bahlibi, USA

374.  Mr. Alem Tesfamicael, SWEDEN

375.  Mr. Beraki Yohannes, CANADA

376.  Mr. Tuku Beraki, CANADA

377.  Mr. Efrem T. Yohannes, USA

378.  Ms Bethiel Yohannes, CANADA

379.  Mr. Hailu Kibreab, SWEDEN

380.  Mr. Ghirmay Joseph, USA

381.  Mr. Daniel Haile Selassie, USA

382.  Mr. Woldeselassie Gebremedhin, USA

383.  Mr. Fisseha Beyene, AUSTRALIA

384.  Mr. Zegay Wldeyesus, GERMANY

385.  Ms Bettina Woerz, GERMANY

386.  Mr. BereketAb Y. Mebrahtu, CANADA

387.  Mr. Habte Ghebray, USA

388.  Mr. Abdelhamid Said Ali, RSA

389.  Mr. Abdelwassie Mohammod Shimondi, RSA

390.  Mr. Abdu Mohammed, RSA

391.  Mr. Abraham Fessehaye Bahlbi, RSA

392.  Mr. Abraham Rezene Tesfai, RSA

393.  Mr. Abraham Tesfai, RSA

394.  Mr. Adhanom Ghebrekiristos Teklehaymanot, RSA

395.  Mr. Aklilu Asefaw Kidane, RSA

396.  Mr. Alem Hailu, RSA

397.  Mr. Alem Worede Zerizghi, RSA

398.  Mr. Amanuel Issac Teklezghi, RSA

399.  Mr. Amanuel K. Bahta, RSA

400.  Mr. Andom Mesfn, RSA

401.  Mr. Afewerki H. Birhane, USA

402.  Mr. Aron E. Ghebremariam, RSA

403.  Mr. Asmerom Fissehatsion Beraki, RSA

404.  Mr. Awel Hasebu Abdelalamin, RSA

405.  Mr. Awelkier Abdelkadr Said, RSA

406.  Mr. Awelkier Hasebu Abdelalamin, RSA

407.  Mr. Bereket Ghezae, RSA

408.  Mr. Beshir Said Ahmed, RSA

409.  Mr. Biniam Ghorgorios, RSA

410.  Mr. Biniam T. Misgun, RSA

411.  Mr. Biniam Y. Tecle, RSA

412.  Mr. Birhane Teklay, RSA

413.  Mr. Bisrat Kidane, RSA

414.  Mr. Brhane T. Weldegergis, RSA

415.  Mr. Brhanu Mohammedsaid Imam, RSA

416.  Mr. Brkti Petros, RSA

417.  Mr. Bruk Tekle, RSA

418.  Mr. Daniel Beyene Tedla, RSA

419.  Mr. Daniel Mesgina, RSA

420.  Mr. Daniel Rezene Mekonnen, RSA

421.  Mr. Dawit Birhanu, RSA

422.  Mr. Efrem Tesfamicael, RSA

423.  Mr. Essayas Araya Berhe, RSA

424.  Mr. Eyob Kesete, RSA

425.  Mr. Fanuel Mesfn, RSA

426.  Mr. Ghebreliul Hailom Ghebreegzabheir, RSA

427.  Mr. Goitom Teklay Adhanom, RSA

428.  Mr. Goitom Tesfagaber Seghid, RSA

429.  Mr. Habtemichael Tesfayohannes Kidane, RSA

430.  Mr. Habtom Berhe Tedla, RSA

431.  Mr. Hagos Tesfamariam Haile, RSA

432.  Mr. Haileab Kidane Ghebreezgiabher, RSA

433.  Mr. Haileselassie Goitom Zigta, RSA

434.  Mr. Henok Hadgu Kinfe, RSA

435.  Mr. Hussen Mohammed Seid, RSA

436.  Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Mahammud, RSA

437.  Mr. Isaias Ghebreselassie, RSA

438.  Mr. Isayas Haile Teclehaimanot, RSA

439.  Mr. Issac Mebrahtu, RSA

440.  Mr. Jaber Ali Jaber, RSA

441.  Mr. Kibreab Mebrahtom Haile, RSA

442.  Mr. Kibrom Shumdehan Ghebrit, RSA

443.  Mr. Kidane Habtemariam Kiflezghi, RSA

444.  Mr. Kifle G. Fitwi, RSA

445.  Mr. Kuluberhan Abraham, RSA

446.  Ms Lemlem Ghebreselassie Amhatsion, RSA

447.  Mr. Mekonen R. Dengetsha, RSA

448.  Mr. Michael G. Mengistu, RSA

449.  Mr. Mihreteab Ghebrhiwet Berhe, RSA

450.  Mr. Mohammed Abdelkerim Said, RSA

451.  Mr. Munir Mohammedberhan Adem, RSA

452.  Mr. Mussie Beyene Abraham, RSA

453.  Mr. Mustafa A. Ahmed, RSA

454.  Mr. Natnael Tekle, RSA

455.  Mr. Negassi T. Teweldeberhan, RSA

456.  Mr. Salih Mohammed Omer Said, RSA

457.  Mr. Samson Berhane, RSA

458.  Mr. Samson Z. Tesfay, RSA

459.  Mr. Samuel Bizen, RSA

460.  Mr. Samuel P. Sebhatu, RSA

461.  Ms Selamawit Tsegai, RSA

462.  Mr. Simon T. Tesfayohannes, RSA

463.  Mr. Solomon A. Woldemichael, RSA

464.  Mr. Solomon Berhane Gebreselasie, RSA

465.  Mr. Solomon T. Ghebregziabher, RSA

466.  Mr. Tedros Ghezae Ghebreselassie, RSA

467.  Mr. Tedros Redie, RSA

468.  Mr. Tekie T. Andai, RSA

469.  Mr. Tesfaalem Teame Mirach, RSA

470.  Mr. Tesfaalem Tekleab Araya, RSA

471.  Mr. Tesfagabir B. Tesfu, RSA

472.  Mr. Tesfazghi Tekle, RSA

473.  Ms Tsedal Tsegai Ghebremariam, RSA

474.  Mr. Yared Teka, RSA

475.  Mr. Yemane Fisseha Gherehiwet, RSA

476.  Mr. Yemane Kidane Ghebrewold, RSA

477.  Mr. Ygzaw W. Ghebreyesus, RSA

478.  Mr. Yoel Alem Tsehaye, RSA

479.  Mr. Yohannes B. Ghebreamlak, RSA

480.  Mr. Yohannes Temesghen Belezom, RSA

481.  Mr. Yohannes Tsegai Kidane, RSA

482.  Mr. Yonas Debesay, RSA

483.  Mr. Yonatan Michael Birhane, RSA

484.  Mr. Yonatan Yemane Ogbaslassie, RSA

485.  Mr. Yosief Weldemichael, RSA

486.  Mr. Yosief Tekle, RSA

487.  Mr. Yosief Teklemariam Negasi, RSA

488.  Mr. Alem Tesfu, CANADA

489.  Mr. Zegay Woldeyesus, GERMANY

490.  Mr. Berhe Adhanom, USA

491.  Mr. Yemane Gebre Mariam, SWITZERLAND

492.  Mr. Abraha Aseffaw, USA

493.  Mr. Addisalem Berhe, UK

494.  Mr. Abraha Gebre-Medhin Desta, USA

495.  Mr. Kflemariam Teclemariam, USA

496.  Mr. Abreha Gebre-Kirstos Hagos, USA

497.  Mr. Mussie Yonas, USA

498.  Ms Alem Kidane, USA

499.  Mr. Negasi Tsegai Tekhle, NETHERLANDS

500.  Mr. Aradom Bokre, USA

501.  Mr. Jelal Yassin, NORWAY

502.  Mr. Aseffaw Gebre-giorges, USA

503.  Mr. Berhan T. Weldegergis, RSA

504.  Mr. Aseffaw Haile, USA

505.  Mr. Berhane Mengisteab, SWEDEN

506.  Mr. Beraki Girmay, USA

507.  Mr. Solomon Ghebrai, SWEDEN

508.  Mr. Bereket Habtessilase, USA

509.  Mr. Tesfu Yohannes, CANADA

510.  Mr. Berhan Gebre-Michael

511.  Mr. Tesfay Kahsay, CANADA

512.  Mr. Berhan Hagos, USA

513.  Mr. Dawit G. Measho, USA

514.  Mr. Berhane Abraha, USA

515.  Mr. Berhan Hagos, CANADA

516.  Mr. Berhane Gebre-Selassie, USA

517.  Mr. Samson Tesfay, USA

518.  Mr. Berhe Asseffaw Ukubay, USA

519.  Mr. Berhane Adhanom, USA

520.  Mr. Gebreziabher Behlbi, USA

521.  Mr. Gebreziabher Gebre-Meskel, USA

522.  Mr. Kubrom Menghistu, USA

523.  Mr. Gebregiorgis Mehari, USA

524.  Mr. Efrem Gebrekidan, USA

525.  Mr. Gebrekidan Abreha, USA

526.  Ms Yodit Tedros, USA

527.  Mr. Gebremedhin Nigusse, USA

528.  Mr. Teclesenbet Ghebremariam, NETHERLANDS

529.  Mr. Gebreselassie Araya, USA

530.  Mr. James Sharpe, USA

531.  Mr. Gebre-Selassie Hagos, USA

532.  Mr. Zemeheret Seare, USA

533.  Mr. Giday Tesfay, USA

534.  Mr. Ghebrelu’ul Hailom Ghebrezgiabher, USA

535.  Ms Glenda George, USA

536.  Mr. Gebrehiwet Gebremedhin, USA

537.  Mr. H/Mariam Shimangus, USA

538.  Ms Tigisti Habte, USA

539.  Mr. H/Mariam Taddesse, USA

540.  Ms. Tsehay Yemane, USA

541.  Mr. Hagos Reda, USA

542.  Ms Hanna Berhe, USA

543.  Mr. Hagos Kahsay, USA

544.  Mr. Simone Haile, USA

545.  Mr. Meharena Kifle, USA

546.  Mr. Haile Gebrekidan, USA

547.  Mr. Yemane B. Mose, GERMANY

548.  Mr. Haile Mehari Abraha, USA

549.  Mr. Daniel Tewelde, USA

550.  Ms Haimanot Sengal, USA

551.  Mr. Hannibal Tesfom, USA

552.  Ms Jennefer Weller, USA

553.  Mr. John Taber, USA

554.  Mr. Kidane Debessa, USA

555.  Ms Letina Kiflu, USA

556.  Mr. Mark Kinser, USA

557.  Mr. Mehari Desta, USA

558.  Mr. Mehari Kahsay, USA

559.  Ms Mehret Kahsay, USA

560.  Ms Mehret Zaid, USA

561.  Ms Mulu Gebre-Kidan, USA

562.  Ms Mulu Kahsay, USA

563.  Mr. Mussie Tesfaldet, USA

564.  Mr. Muuz Gebru Birru, USA

565.  Ms Saba Wolday, USA

566.  Mr. Teka Hadera, USA

567.  Mr. Yemane Gebre Mariam, SWITZERLAND

568.  Mr. Tesfalem Habte, USA

569.  Mr. Tesfay Mezgebe, USA

570.  Ms Tigisti Mesfin, USA

571.  Ms Tsega Berhan, USA

572.  Ms Tsega Negash, USA

573.  Mr. Tsegay Abraha, USA

574.  Ms Yodit Kifle, USA

575.  Mr. Fikremariam Worku, USA

576.  Mr. Yonas Habte, USA

577.  Mr. Hamid Abdalla, SWEDEN

578.  Mr. Fitsum Asfaha, SWEDEN

579.  Mr. Mussie A. Mender, NORWAY

580.  Mr. Munir S. Karrar, AUSTRALIA

581.  Mr. Berhane Hagos, CANADA

582.  Mr. Yasin O. Ibrahim, CANADA

583.  Mr. Woldu Yohannes, SWEDEN

584.  Mr. Mussie Ammar, NORWAY

585.  Mr. Mussa Shehai, CANADA

586.  Mr. Ghirmay S. Yeibio, CANADA

587.  Mr. Desbele Kahsai, USA

588.  Mr. Semere Fessehaie, FRANCE

589.  Mr. Yeman Berhe, USA

590.  Mr. Abraham Gebreyesus Mehreteab, GERMANY

591.  Mr. Senay Mebrahtu, NORWAY

592.  Ms Eden Abraham, AUSTRALIA

593.  Mr. Tekle Melekin, SWEDEN

594.  Mr. Embaye Melekin, CANADA

595.  Ms Alganesh Yacob, SWEDEN

596.  Mr. Asmerom Seyoum, SWEDEN

597.  Mr. Thedros Kidane, USA

598.  Mr. Issac T. Medin, USA

599.  Mr. Ghebremichael Zerai, USA

600.  Mr. Asefaw Ghebrekidan, UK

601.  Mr. Tesfai Haile, USA

602.  Mr. Tekeste Damer, USA

603.  Mr. Mekonnen Haile Andom, USA

604.  Mr. Girmai Kidane (wedi-filipo), ITALY

605.  Mr. Asefaw G/Kidan, UK

606.  Mr. Yitsak Beshir, UK

607.  Mr. Keleta Kidane, UK

608.  Mr. Girmai Teferi, USA

609.  Mr. Asihel Betsuamlak, USA

610.  Ms Mana Mussie, USA

611.  Mr. Ghere Tewelde, CANADA

612.  Mr. Tewelde Keleta, CANADA

613.  Ms Saba Keleta, CANADA

614.  Mr. Yemane F. Gebrehiwet, RSA

615.  Mr. Jamal Al-Muallem, UK

616.  Ms Selamawit Kifleyesus, USA

617.  Mr. Habtemariam Abraha, UK

618.  Ms Tsegezab Gebregergis, UK

619.  Mr. Haile Metaferia, USA

620.  Mr. Daniel Ketema, Costa Rica

621.  Mr. Weldeselassie Ogbe Tesfay, NORWAY

622.  Mr. Merid Zeru Tsegai, NETHERLANDS

623.  Dr. T. A. Taddesse, USA